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Missed Advance Wars

by PeakPerformanceMonday

As a fan of turn-based strategy games, I have always been drawn to the Advance Wars series. Developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, the series has been a staple of the handheld gaming market since its debut on the Game Boy Advance in 2001. However, it has been over a decade since the last mainline entry in the series, and I can’t help but feel a sense of longing for the days when I could command an army of tanks, infantry, and air units to victory.

The Advance Wars series was known for its colorful and charming art style, as well as its deep and engaging gameplay. Each game in the series featured a campaign mode where players would take on the role of a commander in a fictional war, leading their army to victory against various enemy factions. The gameplay was turn-based, with players taking turns moving their units across a grid-based map and engaging in battles with enemy units. Each unit had its own strengths and weaknesses, and players had to carefully consider their moves in order to gain the upper hand.

One of the things that made the Advance Wars series so special was its accessibility. While the gameplay was deep and strategic, it was also easy to pick up and play. The series was known for its excellent tutorials, which taught players the basics of the game while also introducing them to more advanced tactics and strategies. This made the series appealing to both hardcore strategy fans and casual gamers alike.

Unfortunately, the last mainline entry in the series, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, was released way back in 2008. Since then, there has been no word on a new game in the series. While there have been other turn-based strategy games released in the years since, none have quite captured the magic of the Advance Wars series.

As a fan of the series, I really miss Advance Wars. I miss the colorful characters, the engaging campaigns, and the deep and strategic gameplay. I miss the feeling of satisfaction that comes from outmaneuvering an enemy army and emerging victorious. I hope that someday, Nintendo will bring the series back and give fans like me the chance to once again command our own armies and lead them to victory. Until then, I’ll just have to keep replaying the old games and dreaming of what could be.

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