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How Supreme Court decisions are activating a generation of young voters


Supreme Court decisions have long had an impact on the right of Americans to vote, but they are now having an even greater effect on motivating younger generations to participate in elections. With decisions like June 2020’s ruling on Arizona’s judicial review legislation, which overturned an arcane law prohibiting out-of-precinct ballot collection, the Court has actively ensured that people’s voices can be heard. Its decisions have boosted morale among those who may have felt disenfranchised by more traditional voting rules. Meanwhile, other decisions, such as its ruling on Wisconsin’s gerrymandering case, emphasize that the voting process is sacrosanct in this country and can’t be manipulated, inspiring a new generation of activists to get involved in politics. And, during the pandemic, the Court ruled that North Carolina could extend the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots, ensuring that those who had difficulty accessing the polls due to health concerns didn’t miss their chance to participate in the election. As a result, young voters are getting more and more engaged in this process, pushing for reforms and rallying for their rights. Supreme Court decisions are playing an important role in motivating and driving the participation of this generation of young voters.

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