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Analysis: Why F-16 jets can’t come soon enough for Ukraine


Since 2014, Ukraine has been engaged in a military conflict with pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas region, which has resulted in over 13,000 casualties and over one and a half million internally displaced people. This conflict has plunged the Ukraine into a humanitarian crisis as the threat of Russian military aggression continues to loom over the region. In the face of this aggression, Ukraine’s military has struggled to adequately defend the country, and its forces have become increasingly reliant on outdated equipment and limited resources.

The Ukraine has sought assistance from the international community in order to improve its military capabilities, particularly in the form of advanced jet fighters. Its primary objective has been to receive a shipment of U.S.-made F-16 jets, which would allow them to better defend their airspace as well as to respond to any further aggression from the Russian-backed separatists. The procurement of these F-16s has been delayed due to a lack of resources and political wrangling, and the situation in the situation in Donbas has become increasingly volatile in recent months.

In light of this, the F-16 jets cannot come soon enough for Ukraine. The jets are much more advanced than the outdated Soviet-era planes that the Ukrainian military is currently relying on, and as such, would give the country a much-needed advantage in the conflict. Additionally, it would send a message to Russia that the Ukraine is taking the defense of its sovereignty seriously and is not afraid to stand up to any further acts of aggression. Finally, possessing these jets would, at least to some degree, re-establish the might of the once-formidable Ukrainian Air Force, providing a much-needed boost to local morale and national pride.

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