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McCain’s political heirs carry on his fight against Trumpian isolationism


John McCain, the late U.S. senator and one-time presidential candidate, was known for his strong advocacy of international cooperation and multilateralism. He famously criticized what he termed a “false fascism,” advocating for an American foreign policy based on free trade, strong alliances, and a commitment to decency and civility.

Today, McCain’s political heirs in Congress are carrying on his fight against what is often labeled Trumpian isolationism. Congressional Republicans such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Lindsey Graham, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and others are pushing back against President Donald Trump’s foreign policy of “America First,” arguing that isolationism is not in the American people’s interest.

These lawmakers have been vocal in their support of international alliances such as NATO. They have condemned President Trump’s foreign policy decisions, ranging from his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal to abruptly pulling out of Syria. They have also pointed out the importance of maintaining strong economic ties to countries such as Mexico and China.

In addition, these GOP lawmakers have spoken out against what they see as Trump’s anti-democratic rhetoric. They have strongly opposed the President’s attempts to discard decades of diplomatic success and security achievements, and instead embrace dictatorships such as those in North Korea and Russia.

The fight for an internationalist foreign policy is ongoing. Leaders such as McConnell, Graham, and Kinzinger continue to fight for America’s traditional role as a leader of a free and open world. With McCain’s spirit in mind, they also refuse to remain silent in the face of what they view as the Administration’s dangerous and misguided actions.

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