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Kamala Harris met with George Soros heir, top donors at her private residence, records show


Records show that Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris met with the heir to liberal donor George Soros’s fortune and other wealthy donors in December 2019 at her private residence in Los Angeles. Government watchdog organizations have criticized the meeting, saying that it could signal that Harris used her position as a California senator to raise money for her 2020 presidential run.

The meeting, which was held on December 4, 2019, included Alexander Soros, the billionaire son of George Soros, according to details provided in invitation lists and event costs documents from Harris’s presidential campaign. The meeting also included billionaire philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Susan Acevedo, a prominent California lawyer and fundraiser.

The invitations for the meeting said it was a private “coffee for selected donors.” Harris attended but did not speak. The event’s goal was to introduce Harris to prospective donors.

The meeting has sparked criticism from campaign finance watchdogs, who argue that Harris used her position as a sitting senator to raise funds for her presidential bid. Campaign finance reform advocates say that politicians should not be allowed to use their government positions to benefit themselves monetarily.

The law does not bar sitting members of Congress from attending fundraising events at their own homes. However, Democrats have addressed the issue before. House Democrats introduced a bill in February that would bar members of Congress from raising money at their homes or those of their family members.

The Harris campaign has not commented on the meeting or its potential implications. It is unclear whether Harris was aware that the meeting was donating money or if she was merely introducing herself to donors who already had an interest in her campaign. It is also unclear how much money was raised at the event.

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