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Death toll from Brazilian floods rises to 31


The death toll from the devastating floods and mudslides triggered by heavy rains in southeastern Brazil rose to 31 on Monday, as rescue teams continued to work around the clock to search for missing people.

Most of the deaths were recorded in Minas Gerais, the worst-affected state in the region.

At least 11 people died in Rio de Janeiro, seven in Sao Paulo and eight in Minas Gerais, according to official tallies.

Local authorities have warned of further potential fatalities as heavy rains continue to batter the region. The situation is particularly serious in the city of Teófilo Otoni in Minas Gerais, where 16 people have died since the start of the floods on Friday night.

Rescue teams have been deployed to evacuate those still in areas under threat, while emergency aid has been set up to help those in need and to contain the spread of waterborne diseases.

Many roads, bridges and buildings have been damaged or destroyed by the floods, and electricity and water services have been disrupted. The Brazilian army is among those who have been assisting in the relief effort.

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