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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan host 2024 candidates at influential donor summit


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, former Republican candidates for President and Vice President of the United States, hosted a two day summit of leading 2024 GOP presidential candidates at Romney’s exclusive Nevada ranch this week. The summit was attended by Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas; Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri; Senator Ted Cruz of Texas; and former governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

The summit was designed to offer potential Republican candidates a chance to meet with influential Republican donors and strategists and discuss potential election strategies for the upcoming 2024 presidential race. Romney highlighted the need for the Republican Party to unify and focus its resources while also positioning itself for the 2024 election.

In addition to offering a platform for potential candidates to discuss ideas, the summit also allowed the 2024 contenders to introduce themselves to the party’s most influential donors and strategists. The candidates discussed best practices for crafting campaigns, the importance of digital media in reaching voters, and ways to ensure the online presence of their campaigns remains targeted and effective.

The clients of the influential GOP donor network Wealth Bridge were among those in attendance, and the summit concluded with a roundtable discussion of their priorities and opinions about the upcoming presidential cycle. Romney and Ryan finished the summit by announcing that they had already reached out to numerous candidates and were determined to observe and assess the field on a regular basis. Romney said he hopes to hold a similar event in the coming months, providing another opportunity for potential GOP contenders to discuss, debate, and strategize.

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