Home Editor's Pick Congo boat tragedy death toll climbs to 52, dozens still missing

Congo boat tragedy death toll climbs to 52, dozens still missing


The death toll from the Congo boat tragedy has climbed to 52, according to reports. Dozens of people are still missing after the boat capsized on Lake Mai-Ndombe in Democratic Republic of Congo earlier this week.

The boat was carrying nearly 125 passengers when it flipped over on Sunday night near the town of Inongo, most of them students headed home for the holidays. Around 70 people have been rescued, but authorities fear the number of missing could be much higher than reported.

According to government officials, the accident happened because the boat was overloaded. The number of passengers on the vessel was more than three times its capacity and authorities fear that many of the bodies may remain trapped in the wreckage.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, though local reports have suggested that a shift in the weather may have contributed to the capsizing. Rescue teams are continuing to comb the lake in the hope of finding survivors.

The tragedy has sparked outrage in the central African nation, with many blaming government authorities for failing to ensure that the vessel met safety standards. Congolese officials have promised a thorough investigation.

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