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Biden team looks at buying more ads amid ongoing polling concerns


The Biden campaign is reportedly looking into buying additional television ads in battleground states, as their internal polling has been causing some concern among Democrats in the run-up to the 2020 election.

According to a report from Politico, the Biden campaign is considering buying more ads in states like Ohio and Florida, in an effort to counteract the President’s dominance in the airwaves. The Biden campaign has already outspent Trump on television ads, but according to the report, Biden’s team is looking to increase the size and scope of their advertising efforts.

The Biden campaign has reportedly been in discussions with outside groups in the past week, exploring ways to target swing states with additional television ads. It remains to be seen if the Biden campaign will decide to move forward with additionaladvertising purchases, but the report indicates that the threat of Donald Trump’s dominance in the media has become a cause of concern for the Biden team.

The move towards additional ad purchases comes at a time when the Biden campaign has been struggling in the polls. Recent surveys have shown that the President continues to maintain a lead in key swing states, and internal polling from the Biden campaign has been even worse. The realization that the campaign is behind in key states has caused some Democrats to worry that Biden may be unable to close the gap in the coming weeks and months.

The Biden campaign has already announced that it will spend an additional $45 million on television ads this fall, which the campaign deems necessary in order to compete with the President’s continuing lead in the polls. However, the additional ad buys could help ensure that Biden has enough airtime to make up ground.

The Biden campaign has not yet made a decision on the proposed additional ad buys, but the fact that they are seriously exploring the option is a sign that the Biden team is concerned about the prospects of the election this fall.

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