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Trump seethes at gag order in federal case while his campaign relishes it


The Trump campaign is reveling in a gag order imposed on lawyers in a federal case against two associates of the president who have pleaded guilty to criminal charges as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference. The gag order, which was issued by the judge on Sept. 24, barred lawyers from making any statement outside the court that could influence public opinion about the defendants or the case.

President Trump, on the other hand, is not so pleased. In a series of tweets and comments to reporters, the president criticized the gag order as indicative of a “rigged system” meant to silence his allies.

By accusing the court system of bias, Trump appears to be using the gag order to further his political agenda. He is trying to undermine the special counsel’s investigation and create the impression that the court system is out to get his allies.

Trump’s complaints about the gag order also appear to be driven by his frustration that the members of his own campaign team have been caught in the crosshairs of the Mueller investigation. The President is using the gag order as a way to deflect criticism of his associates’ behavior and express his displeasure with the outcome.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign continues to view the gag order in a favorable light. According to them, the gag order is affirming their belief that the special counsel’s investigation is not only a politically-motivated witch hunt, but has been conducted in a manner that favors the Democrats.

Trump’s outbursts over the gag order and his campaign’s favorable attitude towards it further reveal the deep divide between the Trump administration and the special counsel’s investigation. As the president continues to lash out at the court system, it remains to be seen if the gag order will have any long-term ramifications for the investigation moving forward.

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