Home Economy Mike Pence suspends his struggling 2024 campaign

Mike Pence suspends his struggling 2024 campaign


Vice President Mike Pence has suspended his struggling 2024 presidential campaign.

The campaign was marred from the start by Karen Pence’s refusal to join the campaign and his increasingly unpopular opinion on issues such as sanctuary cities and the LGBT community.

It was also hindered by poor fundraising numbers and a lack of support from influential Republicans.

Pence released a statement confirming his decision to suspend his campaign, saying: “It has become clear that my message of leadership and conservative values has not resonated with enough voters to make a successful primary run.”

He acknowledged that his own unpopularity and the current political environment made the campaign difficult, but he thanked his supporters for their dedication and said he was grateful for their efforts.

He also said he was “proud of the issues-based campaign he ran.” He did not confirm any plans for future political endeavors.

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