Home Editor's Pick China touts global security vision at a defense forum in Beijing – with Russia by its side

China touts global security vision at a defense forum in Beijing – with Russia by its side


At the third annual China-Russia Security Cooperation Forum, held in Beijing this week, top officials from China and Russia painted a picture of how the two countries are working together to create a secure, safe and prosperous world.

The forum, co-hosted by Chinese Defence Minister General Liang Guanglie and his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, highlighted the two countries’ “commitment to strengthening global security governance” and announced the launch of a “joint的risk考核机制”—or joint risk assessment mechanism–which Liang said would enable China and Russia to “share information and analysis, and discuss ways to address global security threats.”

The forum also addressed a number of concrete areas where bilateral cooperation is taking place, such as “strategic nuclear security, anti-terrorism, counter-piracy, peace-keeping, and information security.”

The forum comes as part of recent efforts by China and Russia to improve relations and increase their worldwide partnerships. As China becomes more assertive in its foreign policy, it has sought to establish better ties with its traditional rivals, including Russia. Strengthened military ties between the two nations have been particularly emphasized as of late, as Russia is increasingly seen as helping China to develop its military technology and doctrine.

In addition to the topics mentioned, the forum also discussed global problems such as the situations in the Middle East and North Africa. In his opening address, Russian president Vladimir Putin said the two countries must pursue “cooperative principles” in addressing issues of global security. He also said that Russia and China should “jointly promote a polycentric international system” that is based on equal rights and mutual respect of all parties.

While the overall emphasis of the forum seemed to be on enhanced cooperation, some analysts point out that there are still a number of potential conflict points between the two countries, such as energy security, political interests in Central Asia, and trade relations. Nevertheless, the forum appears to have helped bolster a spirit of cooperation and understanding, and showed that China and Russia are open to working together on a wide range of global security issues.

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