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Israel-Gaza war consumes Biden’s attention


as Mideast peace process stakes dwindle

The ongoing Israel-Gaza war is consuming President Joe Biden’s attention as the stakes for a potential Middle East peace process are significantly dwindling. In response to the conflict, Biden and his top aides have attempted to broker a ceasefire and have condemned the bombing of Gaza, a densely populated strip of land in the Middle East.

Biden has spoken with the leaders of Israel and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to push for an end to hostilities. He also dispatched top aides, including national security adviser Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Tony Blinken, to reach out to the region’s leaders and press for a ceasefire. Biden has declared that the U.S. will do “everything we can to facilitate a real, comprehensive peace agreement,” and the State Department has opened talks with the parties involved.

Despite these efforts, experts are skeptical that a long-term peace process can be achieved at this time. Previous U.S. attempts to foster peace between Israel and Palestine have failed, and any progress now would be extremely difficult given the weakened positions of the Palestinian leadership and Biden’s minimal attention to the conflict prior to recent violence.

U.S. leaders will continue to work to prevent further violence, punish actions that violate human rights, and press for a ceasefire. However, the chances of a long-lasting peace process resulting from this current upsurge in violence are low.

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