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Autoworkers strike is over as union and GM reach potential deal


The United Auto Workers union and General Motors have reached a tentative agreement to end the month-long strike that began on Sept. 16. The UAW National Council will vote this week to ratify the proposed contract.

The UAW issued a brief statement about the agreement. “The UAW and General Motors have reached a Tentative Agreement that, subject to membership ratification, will improve wages, provide substantial gains in benefits, protect our jobs, and preserve our industry,” the statement reads.

No details of the agreement have been released, but it is thought that the new contract will address issues such as wages, job security, and health care improvements.

The strike, which lasted for 31 days, was the longest nationwide strike since GM and the UAW first negotiated a national labor agreement in 1970. It was also the largest declaration of worker rights in recent years and drew support from other labor unions.

To conclude the strike, both GM and the UAW were involved in some last minute negotiations, and a tentative agreement was eventually reached. Now, the union will present the newly negotiated agreement to its members, who will vote to accept or reject the proposed contract.

It is thought that this proposed contract agreement could bring much needed stability and security to both GM and the UAW, and set a precedent for other labor negotiations in the future.

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