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Mike Johnson bucks trend of House speakers owning high-dollar assets: ‘Man of the people’


Michigan House Speaker Lee Johnson has bucked a trend among his GOP peers by refusing to use his political office to enrich himself.

Johnson, who is serving his fifth term in the House, filed an executive order in April that requires all members of the Michigan House — including himself — to turn over any investments or assets valued at more than $1,000 onto the state’s central repository for financial disclosure.

“As leader of the House, I want to lead by example by setting the highest ethical standards,” Johnson said in a statement. “My priority as a public servant is to focus on the people I serve and not on making a personal profit.”

Johnson’s order sets an example for other state House leaders, who often find ways to turn political office into a financial windfall. Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder, for example, is under federal investigation for allegedly receiving funds from a company that had secured a renewable energy project in exchange Householder helping the company secure $1 billion in ratepayer-funded subsidies.

The new Michigan order marks the first time a House Speaker has put their own financial assets under review.

“The bottom line is that no public official should be taking advantage of their position of power and using it for personal profit,” Johnson said.

By requiring all members of the House to disclose any assets over $1,000, Johnson says he is ensuring that public officials are held to the highest standard of ethics. He also hopes the order will restore voters’ trust in public officials.

“I want to leave office knowing the public has the confidence that the representatives they elect are people of the people and serve for their best interest,” Johnson said.

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