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Tyson plant closures prompt economic soul-searching in the Ozarks


The partial closures of a Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Monett, Missouri have prompted economic soul-searching in the Ozarks, as the area grapples with how to recover from the loss of jobs and the impact on the local economy.

When Tyson announced on Monday that it would close one of its poultry processing plants in Monett, it came as a blow to the small town of about 9,000, whose economy depended heavily on the plant. In 2019, the plant employed over 800 people, making it the largest employer in the city.

Now, Monett and the surrounding area are left to grapple with the economic fallout of the plant closure. Local businesses and area residents alike will feel an economic pinch from the job losses, while working to find new resources for the community.

City officials are already working to determine a path forward to mitigate the plant’s closure. Monett Mayor Allen Stockton has already met with other local leaders in order to discuss strategies to expand economic opportunities in the community. Additionally, the mayor’s office has set up a hotline to connect Tyson employees with other job opportunities in the area.

Nonprofit organizations are also stepping up to provide economic assistance to those affected by the closure. The Community Council of the Ozarks has pledged to offer resources such as classes and coaching to help laid-off Tyson employees build new skills and find new careers.

As the Ozarks region struggles with the economic fallout of the Tyson plant closure, local leaders and community organizations are working hard to aid those displaced by job losses and to create new opportunities for economic growth.

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