Home Economy Univision anchor Jorge Ramos rebukes network for not challenging Trump

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos rebukes network for not challenging Trump


Jorge Ramos has publicly rebuked Univision’s coverage of the US election and its failure to challenge Donald Trump. In an interview with The New York Times, Ramos accused Univision of being “too soft” on the Republican presidential nominee, citing Trump’s repeated xenophobic and derogatory comments about Latinos as well as his support for controversial policies like mass deportations.

Ramos said that Univision’s news coverage of the election had been more focused on entertainment and not enough on politics, calling the network’s coverage of the campaign “disappointing.” He then declared that Univision had missed a crucial opportunity to hold Trump accountable for his harmful rhetoric and positions.

Univision responded to Ramos’ criticism by pointing to their long coverage of Trump’s controversial policies and statements in their nightly news broadcasts. The company also noted that theirSpanish-language morning talk show, Despierta America, has hosted Trump multiple times and pressed him on issues during those interviews.

Despite Univision’s efforts to address Ramos’ critique, the anchor’s comments have sparked an important conversation about the role of media in challenging powerful political figures. While media outlets have a responsibility to report the news neutrally, Ramos argued that they should also pressure candidates to address public concerns and provide an opportunity for their ideas to be challenged.

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