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Palm Springs Police are investigating a bizarre incident at the Westin Hotel.

The hotel is closed as police investigate the scene.

Officers responded to the hotel just after noon on Wednesday. It’s unclear what happened at this time.

Police haven’t released any details but they do say the incident is not criminal in nature.

We spoke to guests who were at the hotel for Comic Con. Several of them say they heard some kind of loud noise on the second floor and within minutes police swarmed the area.

Others were told to evacuate as the building was immediately placed on lockdown.

Some guests say they heard hotel staffers talking about a suspicious package in the area.

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Chad Skrederstay with the Visitors Center said,” that’s where usually the boy scouts, the girl scouts and the military congregate for those may indoctrination ceremonies. Unfortunately today my understanding is that there may have been some kind of a noise that erupted from the second floor and unfortunately the police department took this very seriously and the hotel went into lockdown.”

No other information was available.

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