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Conservatives lash out at Trump after he attacks Chip Roy, calls for him to face primary challenge: ‘Idiotic’


Conservatives in the United States were up in arms after President Donald Trump attacked Republican congressman Chip Roy on Wednesday, calling for a primary challenge against him.

The president’s criticism of Roy came after the congressman voted against a bill that would have provided Republicans with additional emergency funding for their coronavirus relief efforts.

In a tweet, Trump called Roy “a RINO [Republican in Name Only]”, and suggested that he should face a primary challenge in order to be “stopped.”

Conservative commentators and politicians immediately denounced the president’s attack, declaring it “idiotic,” unnecessary, and counter-productive. Some even suggested that the president was trying to use the House vote as an excuse to punish party members who have been vocal critics of his administration.

Political commentator Ben Shapiro expressed similar sentiments, tweeting: “This kind of crap is just idiotic. Roy may be a RINO; I think he’s wrong on this vote. But you don’t primary opponents against members of your own party when you control both chambers. That’s the kind of internecine embroilment that guarantees political losses.”

Congressman Adam Kinzinger echoed Shapiro’s comments, stating: “I think the primary threats to members are out of control and usually don’t turn out well. Primarying [angry opponents] just so you can ‘win’ isn’t what we are here for. We should want people with thoughts and ideas and perspectives, not robots.”

Other conservatives made a more pointed defense of Roy, arguing that the president had failed to recognize the congressman’s loyalty. The Texas Tribune’s Breeanna Hare argued that “it’s clear the president completely misses the loyalty and respect Roy has shown him, and is instead punishing him for simply doing his job.”

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