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PM of Singapore Alerts Residents to Deepfake Crypto Scam Using His Image


The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, has called on citizens of the country to remain vigilant against deepfake crypto scams using his image.

In a tweet published on Thursday, the Prime Minister warned citizens about individuals who had created deepfake images of himself advertising a crypto investment scheme.

“I don’t have any investments in cryptocurrency, and no one should trust a scammer by investing in what they offer. Scammers are serious and their tricks are getting more sophisticated,” he said in the tweet.

The Prime Minister urged citizens to stay informed about the latest scams and to report such scams to the relevant authorities.

Singapore, which has quickly become one of the leading hubs for crypto-related activities in the region, has been on the alert for crypto scams over the past year. The country has even brought criminal charges against several individuals who were involved in crypto-related fraud or false advertising.

The Prime Minister’s tweet is likely to serve as a reminder to citizens of Singapore to remain vigilant and aware of the various crypto scams that abound in the digital world. Indeed, the use of deepfake technology has proliferated in recent times, leaving individuals vulnerable to fraudsters. It is therefore important for citizens to be aware of the potential scams and look out for signs of fraudulent activity.

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