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How to survive rip currents and other drowning hazards


1. Don’t panic: Staying calm is key when dealing with any drowning hazard. Even though you may feel scared or confused, if you can keep your head, you will be more likely to make the right decisions to get out of the situation safely.

2. Stay afloat: If you find yourself in a rip current, the most important thing is to stay afloat. Try to relax and remain in one place. Don’t attempt to swim against the current, as you will only tire yourself out.

3. Signal for help: If you are stuck in a rip current and there are people nearby, try to signal for help. You can do this by waving your arms or shouting for assistance.

4. Swim parallel to the shore: Once you are calm and have signaled for help, try to swim parallel to the shore. You should be able to escape the rip current’s grasp and make it out of the water more easily.

5. Be aware of other dangers: When swimming in the ocean, be aware and conscious of other dangers such as large waves, strong currents, or marine life. These can all pose a risk to your safety, so it’s best to be aware and prepared for them.

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