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‘The scent of eternal life’ resurrects an ancient Egyptian aroma


The Egyptians of antiquity were famous for their love of perfumes and fragrances, even taking the time to craft their own custom blends from rare ingredients. Now, thanks to the work of a dedicated team of Egyptian and European scientists, one of these timeless fragrances has been brought back to life.

The scent of eternal life, as it has been named, recreates the smell of a perfume made from cassia, cinnamon, galangal, and myrrh. In ancient Egypt, this blend held special significance. Not only was it used to scent the surroundings of the Pharaoh’s tomb, it was also used to purify the air and symbolize eternity.

Unlike the perfumes of today, which are made with synthetic chemicals, the scent of eternal life is made using 100% natural organic ingredients. These were carefully selected and combined in keeping with the ancient recipe. The result is an incredibly unique and rich scent.

The scent of eternal life is quickly gaining a passionate following among those who appreciate its historic roots and the subtle, powerful aroma that it produces. Many people are also choosing it because it is a sustainable, environmentally friendly fragrance. Furthermore, it is certified as organic, natural, and vegan, meaning that no animals were harmed in the making of this scent. So, whatever you’re looking for in a perfume, if you are looking for something authentic, timeless, and beautiful, the scent of eternal life could be just what you’re after.

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