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Trump’s anti-immigrant onslaught sparks fresh alarm heading into 2024


As President Donald Trump continues his relentless assault on immigrants and their rights, many are growing fearful of what lies ahead in 2024.

Trump has made immigration a central focus of his presidency, including a failed attempt to eliminate birthright citizenship, a sweeping travel ban targeting predominantly Muslim countries, numerous attempts to build an infamous border wall, and ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

These policies and executive orders have sparked fresh alarm among immigrants and their supporters as the presidential administration prepares for a potential second term next year.

The concern doesn’t just come from those who have been directly affected by Trump’s immigration policies, but also from those who wonder what new ones need to be implemented and what rights will remain in the future. As Trump gears up for reelection, it remains unclear what his plans for the immigration system will be in the future if he wins again, and many are worried that the situation could become even worse.

Any policy changes are likely to be met with fierce resistance from organizations who advocate for the rights of immigrants, and the court system may prove to be a vital tool in attempting to counter the administration’s agenda if necessary.

Regardless, there is deep concern that if Trump wins in 2024, the situation for immigrants in the United States could become ever more perilous.

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