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Cardano to Train Petrobras Staff on Blockchain, Participants to Earn NFT Rewards


Cardano, a leading blockchain-based platform, has partnered with energy giant Petrobras to train its employees in blockchain technology. The initiative seeks to equip Petrobras staff with the necessary skills to use the technology in day-to-day operations. The project will also reward graduates of the training program with a series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The move forms part of a larger initiative, wherein Petrobras seeks to embrace blockchain technology and integrate it into their operations. The energy giant is one of the most vocal proponents of blockchain technology in the Brazilian energy industry, seeking to incorporate the technology in various of its industry services.

The centerpiece of the initiative is a training program for Petrobras staff which will be carried out with the assistance of Cardano. The program will seek to not only teach the staff about the underlying concepts as well as the architecture of blockchain technology, as well as equip participants with the essential skills needed to get started building on the Cardano platform.

Once the training is completed, successful participants will receive NFTs, symbolizing their achievements. The reward is intended to drive and incentivize the learning process.

The partnership between Cardano and Petrobras is part of Cardano’s larger effort in investing in Latin American countries to promote blockchain education and development.

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