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Donald Trump Sells $2.4 Million Ethereum: Arkham Intelligence


Donald Trump recently sold $2.4 million worth of Ethereum to Arkham Intelligence, a major blockchain technology company. Arkham Intelligence provides the data analytics, data management, and strategic consulting services that are increasingly needed for blockchain projects.

The funds from the sale will be used to help fund the development of Arkham’s suite of Ethereum tools and applications. The funds will also be used to fuel their research and development agenda.

Trump’s investment in Ethereum is evidence of his support for the cryptocurrency platform, and follows previous investments and support for Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Arkham Intelligence’s mission is to make blockchain technology accessible to a wide range of businesses and organizations. The company also works to ensure compliance while helping customers to identify the best blockchain strategies for their needs.

Donald Trump’s investment comes at an exciting time for Ethereum, as the cryptocurrency platform continues to gain traction in the business world. With the backing of a major businessman like Trump, this could bode well for the future of Ethereum as more investors decide to back the platform. Ethereum also recently unveiled its long-awaited “Istanbul” code upgrade, which is expected to bring new levels of functionality to the blockchain.

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