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Privacy Advocate Exposes Ledger Live’s Tracking of User Data and Network Activity


A privacy advocate recently exposed how Ledger Live, a cryptocurrency wallet application, is tracking user data and network activity. According to the expert’s findings, the application was found to be collecting data such as IP addresses, operating systems, and location updates. Additionally, the company has been using Google Analytics to track user activity and uses third-party tracking services to harvest analytics data.

The expert also found that Ledger Live is using session-based tracking with no privacy mechanisms in place to protect user data. Furthermore, the company has been collecting user feedback, automatic crash reporting, and even usage analytics without specifying how the data will be used or stored.

The news of Ledger Live’s data tracking policy has raised major concerns among privacy advocates and users alike. Many argue that such tracking invades user privacy and also raises security concerns. They fear that it could be used to track and exploit the financial activities of users. This could lead to data breaches in the future since the tracked data is valuable to hackers.

Though Ledger Live has noted that they have adopted measures to protect user privacy, the findings of the expert have raised both ethical and legal concerns about their privacy practices. They’ve been called out for violating the terms and conditions set forth by the GDPR and have been asked to take more concrete steps to ensure user data and network activity is kept private.

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