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RFK Jr. and the rank politics of Jim Jordan’s House subcommittee


RFK Jr. recently joined the House Subcommittee on the Environment chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan. This move has stirred up controversy in the environmental and political world, given Rep. Jordan’s history of supporting policies that would harm the environment. However, not all political actors agree on whether Jordan’s record on environmental policy means that he is not fit to serve as committee chair.

In particular, some Republicans praise Jordan’s political prowess as the leader of the House Freedom Caucus, an influential conservative political organization, and argue that his work as a subcommittee chair could be beneficial for the environment. On the other hand, many Democrats argue that RFK Jr.’s decision to join the subcommittee evidenced their hope that Jordan’s views on environmental protection would change and that his work on the committee would reflect a shift in environmental policy.

Ultimately, the debate between Democrats and Republicans about this issue speaks to the larger issue of rank politics. As world and culture continue to evolve, opinions and beliefs about how we should interact with the environment and how we should think about the environment will inevitably shift. This shifting landscape is creating an interesting and ongoing conversation about how exactly we should approach the environment and its protection at the present moment. As the world adjusts to the new normal, rank politics will become increasingly important in determining the best way to respond to environmental issues.

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